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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

After being M.I.A. from the usual Tuesday night Soul Kitchen fun I found myself at Imperial after my mom's birthday dinner for Alexa's early birthday celebration. My original plan was to down a few beers then leave early. Who was I kidding?
 photo IMG_1345_zps05045b81.jpg

Say hello to Maria, Alexa, Krystle, Krystle's funny sister, Jena and Lala.
 photo IMG_1346_zps01d355b5.jpg

I missed these two!
 photo IMG_1348_zps4d7d0809.jpg

 photo IMG_1349_zps12cfbd12.jpg

"I see pretty girls everywhere I go."
 photo IMG_1351_zps213c686e.jpg

 photo IMG_1352_zps5a1ec592.jpg

Bottle feeding time!
 photo IMG_1353_zpsd4e0f8f5.jpg

Lovely couple.
 photo IMG_1359_zps22383476.jpg

My loves.
 photo IMG_1360B_zps01f32b68.jpg

Happy birthday, Alexa!
 photo IMG_1365B_zps427a6b5b.jpg

The dance floor takeover.
 photo IMG_1367_zpsad834f30.jpg

 photo IMG_1368_zps264aed0c.jpg

 photo IMG_1369_zpse27db073.jpg

 photo IMG_1372_zpse4d21c89.jpg

Play Destiny's Child and Alexa will be on it.
 photo IMG_1373_zpsd5846596.jpg

 photo IMG_1374_zpsf12f6073.jpg

 photo IMG_1377_zps34bb5be1.jpg

 photo IMG_1378_zps7609c8b1.jpg

 photo IMG_1379_zps8275bf2c.jpg

When Lala gets on the mic = GAME OVER
 photo IMG_1380_zpseff0c14f.jpg

 photo IMG_1381_zpse4d77e3f.jpg

Kids, this is what alcohol does to you. (so stay away)
 photo IMG_1382B_zps0146cf50.jpg

 photo IMG_1384_zps80f360e6.jpg

This dude can dance to every 90's boy band hit.
 photo IMG_1387_zps1bab8e3a.jpg

When I grow up I wanna be like Skratchmark.
 photo IMG_1388_zpsc54d7a69.jpg

What a night.

Great seeing everyone!

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