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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Imported draft beer, hip-hop sets by DJ Teaze + DJ Skratchmark and a great intimate crowd at Imperial Ice Bar Tuesday nights for Lala's Soul Kitchen. Nothing wild but definitely worth checking out if you're looking to unwind after a crazy day.
 photo IMGP9150_zpsea84551e.jpg

 photo IMGP9151_zps038fcf76.jpg

Ice, ice baby.
 photo IMGP9152_zpseca9aedc.jpg

One of my favs DJ Teaze!
 photo IMGP9156_zps990b9261.jpg

Lala and Maria.
 photo IMGP9158_zps984e089b.jpg

 photo IMGP9167_zpsdd503764.jpg

Nice crew neck, Justine.
 photo IMGP9170_zps0a47384d.jpg

 photo IMGP9171_zpsc5f648fa.jpg

 photo IMGP9179_zps2c120b64.jpg

 photo IMGP9180_zps1a2fcb8e.jpg

DJ Skratchmark!
 photo IMGP9183_zps2dc4105f.jpg

Her tan doe.
 photo IMGP9184B_zpsa4628725.jpg

My growing army.
 photo IMGP9188_zps25066b56.jpg

 photo IMGP9189_zps786d584e.jpg

 photo IMGP9190_zpseb5c97b7.jpg

 photo IMGP9191_zps959d5a36.jpg

 photo IMGP9193_zpsc06ac715.jpg

Hey ladies!
 photo IMGP9194_zps8770f1f2.jpg

 photo IMGP9195_zps6e265eac.jpg

 photo IMGP9198_zpsc8fe66c8.jpg

 photo IMGP9202_zps2f3910d0.jpg

 photo IMGP9203_zps07bb37cc.jpg

 photo IMGP9204_zps1e7b9c0a.jpg

 photo IMGP9207_zps8964afab.jpg

 photo IMGP9209_zps330e4849.jpg

 photo IMGP9210_zps48c55e3b.jpg

 photo IMGP9214_zpseaaddcf4.jpg

Justine, Anikka, Reena and Tini.
 photo IMGP9219_zps9dc81730.jpg

 photo IMGP9220_zpseca39032.jpg

 photo IMGP9223_zpsd3f7300c.jpg

 photo IMGP9224_zps5cdc3821.jpg

I love her short hair!
 photo IMGP9225_zps1de5e19f.jpg

 photo IMGP9226_zps69ae8e0c.jpg

"What do you think of my body?"
 photo IMGP9227_zpsab9007b6.jpg

 photo IMGP9228_zpsb3f269c7.jpg

 photo IMGP9230_zps61b5f13b.jpg

Rufa Mae lurkin'.
 photo IMGP9233_zpsb6ed6a17.jpg

 photo IMGP9235B_zps46a8847d.jpg

Reena and Lala.
 photo IMGP9236_zpsc9d9a7e0.jpg

Maria with the photobomb.

 photo IMGP9239_zps8f646148.jpg

 photo IMGP9245_zpsa434fb19.jpg

 photo IMGP9246_zps34821cef.jpg

 photo IMGP9249_zps9b8657d8.jpg

 photo IMGP9250_zps562473c9.jpg

It's Danielle!
 photo IMGP9253_zps93be45d7.jpg

 photo IMGP9254_zps68f85ca8.jpg

 photo IMGP9255_zpsa55c52f1.jpg

Beauties galore.
 photo IMGP9256_zps7953d489.jpg

Still packed.
 photo IMGP9259_zps25352ef4.jpg

 photo IMGP9260_zps4165ab70.jpg

I see you.
 photo IMGP9261_zps03ac226b.jpg

 photo IMGP9262_zps64c73efc.jpg

 photo IMGP9263_zpse4288d64.jpg

Draught goodness.
 photo IMGP9264_zpsb199cdc1.jpg

 photo IMGP9265_zpsd4741378.jpg

 photo IMGP9266_zpsc50d3609.jpg

 photo IMGP9268_zpsd6649f01.jpg

 photo IMGP9273_zps707ca70b.jpg

Twice the fun.
 photo IMGP9274_zpsb5af9ffc.jpg

You mad, bruh?
 photo IMGP9276B_zps62d44bd5.jpg

 photo IMGP9277_zps81a6b4f1.jpg

 photo IMGP9278_zpsb5045628.jpg

 photo IMGP9279_zps03fcb870.jpg

Dee Jae Paeste.
 photo IMGP9280_zpsbd21d942.jpg

 photo IMGP9282_zps10f540fd.jpg

 photo IMGP9284_zps38f3a3e8.jpg

 photo IMGP9287_zps4e0e45fb.jpg

 photo IMGP9288_zps09693390.jpg

July 20 babies.
 photo IMGP9289_zpsb3c39600.jpg

 photo IMGP9290_zps50262ded.jpg

She knows how to work the microphone.
 photo IMGP9293_zps6f9df7a5.jpg

West Coast feel me.
 photo IMGP9294B_zpsa34a7403.jpg

 photo IMGP9296_zps1237d982.jpg

 photo IMGP9297_zps0c1be075.jpg

Be Bea.
 photo IMGP9300_zps3e9a57a2.jpg

 photo IMGP9302_zpsb7adc757.jpg

 photo IMGP9303_zpsbc29dd2b.jpg

 photo IMGP9304_zps03d270d0.jpg

What a night!

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