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| Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sun-DAZED so hot it started a fire! (no, really)

Dress better.
 photo IMGP8829_zps00dafe45.jpg

Suede camo goodness.
 photo IMGP8830_zpsb524269f.jpg

Black and neon, black and neon.
 photo IMGP8831_zpsadf27010.jpg

Seven and seven eighth.
 photo IMGP8832_zpsa585fa2c.jpg

Be responsible.
 photo IMGP8833_zpsf157ef49.jpg

Rum and coconut water.
 photo IMGP8834_zpsdfd99384.jpg

Scissors gang.
 photo IMGP8835_zpsc8380e4e.jpg

Beating the heat.
 photo IMGP8846_zpsb5325121.jpg

Don't blink twice.
 photo IMGP8852_zpsac04dad9.jpg

Follow the flow.
 photo IMGP8854_zps39ac4b21.jpg

Street support.
 photo IMGP8855_zpsc7826e82.jpg

Urban Myx.
 photo IMGP8859_zps8ece7cc0.jpg

 photo IMGP8860_zps0c92e115.jpg

 photo IMGP8862_zpsd86aa44d.jpg

Sucker for cheap beers.
 photo IMGP8864_zps72d427b9.jpg

The Green Heart.
 photo IMGP8866_zps6357daaf.jpg

Neither tiny nor whiny.
 photo IMGP8867_zps6259734d.jpg

Four is better than none.
 photo IMGP8868_zps89d27abf.jpg

Hearts all over.
 photo IMGP8869_zps0c7228a2.jpg

Fun all around.
 photo IMGP8875_zps14ee599f.jpg

Focus on the subject.
 photo IMGP8876_zps56c77e1b.jpg

Future winners.
 photo IMGP8877_zps34986f33.jpg

Smile a lot.
 photo IMGP8878_zps085c8e63.jpg

Escape to his music.
 photo IMGP8880_zps4f36d4c7.jpg

She legendary.
 photo IMGP8881B_zpsba2710e5.jpg

All the.
 photo IMGP8882_zps05ec27a4.jpg

 photo IMGP8883_zpsb4265bd8.jpg

I am calm.
 photo IMGP8884_zps301bd49e.jpg

Awesome two.
 photo IMGP8888_zpsd421a2e2.jpg

wL reppin'.
 photo IMGP8890B_zps8ea98c04.jpg

Duck, duck, boots.
 photo IMGP8896_zps32155f1a.jpg

Chicken dinner.
 photo IMGP8898_zpsccfd8fed.jpg

Winner winner.
 photo IMGP8899_zps50065b93.jpg

May 5 will be insane!

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