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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013

My Simi Valley connect Justine aka Superbrat arrived yesterday and will be in town for 9 days. Last time I saw her was in 2009 so I was stoked to kick it with her! Maybe I'll finally get to link up with her "sister" KC? Or not. Even if I'm this sexy.
 photo P1020004_zpsa8952f72.jpg

Justine wanted to get inked so I hit up Mark we Legendary and he got in touch with the legendary Ricky Sta. Ana. It was perfect timing since Ricky was scheduled to record a segment with GMA 7 and he needed a subject to work on. The three of us hit up Chili's on T. Morato while waiting for Ricky and the GMA 7 crew to arrive at Skinworkz. We hongree!
 photo P1020001_zps635aad00.jpg

He is Specks.
 photo P1020002_zps6220315a.jpg

Bandz A Make Her Dance.
 photo P1020006_zps7b764cdb.jpg

Iced coffee after.
 photo P1020008_zpsb98b5f80.jpg

Skinworkz Tomas Morato.
 photo P1020011_zps6b842a9c.jpg

Looking for the perfect Rainbow Brite tattoo. (just kidding)
 photo P1020013_zps6a06931e.jpg

 photo P1020014_zps53ca8b63.jpg

Going through some rape sloth memes.
 photo P1020016_zps0110a187.jpg

"Orchids. I want orchids."
 photo P1020020_zps006b2c54.jpg

 photo P1020021_zps571bfd03.jpg

Here we go.
 photo P1020022_zps47a7ce93.jpg

 photo P1020023_zpsd3987640.jpg

 photo P1020024_zpse04fd885.jpg

 photo P1020025_zps61e596d6.jpg

 photo P1020028_zps57551580.jpg

 photo P1020029_zps72eada22.jpg

Such a cutie!
 photo P1020030_zpsc40f350f.jpg

 photo P1020031_zps45267adb.jpg

Pain. So much pain!
 photo P1020035_zps663b4885.jpg

I love my lemon twists.
 photo P1020037_zps6c230bda.jpg

She almost broke both my wrists. -___-
 photo P1020038_zps00116dac.jpg

 photo P1020040_zpsb59e6da2.jpg

 photo P1020043_zpsc6bde9e5.jpg

 photo P1020047_zps5c8f4747.jpg

And it's done!
 photo P1020050_zpsc7ce9266.jpg

Thanks Ricky!
 photo P1020051_zps2c8fb6b3.jpg

Time for the interview.
 photo P1020056_zpsdd5a4210.jpg

 photo P1020057_zps2a05ea8d.jpg

Mess with her and you mess with me.
 photo P1020060B_zps0c690970.jpg

Time for dinner and drinks.
 photo P1020061_zpsf50f19ba.jpg

Thanks Mark!
 photo P1020062_zps42431ea0.jpg

 photo P1020065_zps119f55fb.jpg

Why 3 orchids? It's for her grandmothers and her mom. Now ain't that sweet?

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