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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I just laugh at people who say "oh he's just a blogger" not knowing that I have been around in the sneaker community for a good part of my adult life. I was doing stuff in the industry years before I started this site in 2008, years before you first Googled a pair of sneakers. I laugh then I cringe. Not because I take offense in being called a blogger but because that's just how I react when people talk out of their arses. They think this blog made me who I am today. Like, really? Drop the labels, stop patronizing me and let's just all enjoy the one thing we share in common. Shoes!

Speaking of shoes I received a pair of samples from a good buddy of mine from Nike HQ. Not sure how new or old these are but I hope he doesn't get in trouble for me posting this.

When local connects dry up I can always count on others to step up. (even without me asking)

I don't even know what they are but they sure are comfy. Thanks Ian!

Today's meeting

If you don't know who Ian is he was the one who designed the Wet Floor Nike Dunk High SB "Custodian Pack" released in 2009. Since then he's been making waves at Nike HQ with his skills and good looks. Pause.

I first met Ian in 2007 when I was living out in The Bay. I was doing my sneaker rounds downtown San Francisco when I kept bumping into the same two dudes at First Step, Shiekh and Niketown. His friend Keith approached me and said "nice shoes." We started talking about sneakers and it turned out that Keith and I frequented the same sneaker site (he was sneaker customizer "abovetheclouds")

They were visiting from Portland and seemed like cool peeps so I kicked it with them, boarded the F train and ended up going to Joe's Crabshack for dinner. I haven't seen them since that night but we always keep in touch online. I introduced Ian to Mark we Legendary also to Martin (Sole Movement) and both have visited Ian at his office. Ian keeps telling me to stop sending my friends over and visit myself.

Maybe it's time that we push through with that Hawaii trip we've been planning since last year? It would be dope to see a part 2 of this.

I still remember how cold it was that night. Tourist photo shot!

A few days after I received this in my inbox.


Were you at NTSF on Monday wearing huarache runners? You were with Keith and his friend? I was the sales associate wearing the red sheeds. The whole time you guys were standing there, I was thinking "Is that kingcrux?" If not, forgive me and allow me to recover from the embarrassment.


I ain't even making this shit up. Ask Josh himself.

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Not sure if those are trainers or for basketball but those are dope.