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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Growing up, I must have gone through dozens of pairs of classic runners. Back then it was tough to find such pairs as the availability locally was limited. After sports companies realized how much money they can make by mass producing the said classics (using cheap materials) and flooding the market with every colorway they can think of I kinda lost interest in them. The only time I mess with them again is when they go back to the original silhouette/pattern/materials and drop them in limited numbers. Umh, like now!

Quezon City sneaker boutique Sole Academy will exclusively release three limited Nike classic runners tomorrow, 1pm.

What's so special about these? They were made to look exactly like the first drop decades ago. Vintage treatment and all.

Forrest Gump (top 3 movie all time) received a pair of these iconic runners from Jenny and since then they've been part of every Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant worldwide. Cop a pair and have a silly photo of you taken. Nike Cortez Classic OG Leather QS. Only 24 pairs available. 3,495 pesos. Sizes 7-12. (no half sizes)

If you like gangster movies and have seen "Menace II Society" a million times like me while reciting every classic line then this one is definitely for you (gangs are bad btw). Nike Cortez Classic OG Nylon QS. Only 24 pairs available. 3,495 pesos. Sizes 7-12, no half sizes.

Last but not the least is the Nike Air Tailwind '79 Vintage QS. The first sneaker that was laced with Nike Air. Only 12 pairs available. 3,495 pesos. Sizes 7-12, no 11, no half sizes.

For more info visit Sole Academy's facebook page HERE.

* Photos courtesy of Sole Academy 

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