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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For a westernized country like the Philippines I am surprised that there is little talk about an anti-piracy bill that is currently working its way through US Congress. It's called "The Stop Online Piracy Act," also known as US House Bill 3261. 

Most of you will probably say, "I live outside the USA" or "I don't see why I should bother knowing about it" or "Hey as long as it doesn't mess with facebook then I'm good."

Fact is, if passed, SOPA will completely change our digital lives. It will affect EVERYTHING you do online. From the music and videos you download to search engine results. Facebook will be limited, youtube will be restricted, Google will heavily be filtered, etc. About every single site that you visit daily will be altered. Yup, INCLUDING THIS ONE.

I, for one, is against piracy. I buy a CD if I really like the artist and go watch movies that interest me (which I haven't done in a while since I don't have a steady movie date * COUGH COUGH *). Why am I against SOPA? Simple. SOPA isn't only about stopping piracy. It's web censorship. Pure manipulation of content. The Internet gone backwards.

This is a VERY URGENT matter that if we disregard now, we will definitely pay for it dearly later. 

Usually I'd link you to other sites discussing this topic but try searching and let me know how many sites you encounter are blacked out. That's how things will be in the future if SOPA pushes through.

Fight SOPA and protect the Internet as we know it.

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