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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now backed by a group that truly understands what the brand is about.

My first pair of Doc Martens? Ateneo High School during the early 90's. It was the "in" thing back then but I didn't get into it until my brother Christopher convinced me to get a pair. We didn't even call it by the model number. We just went by with the number of holes. I had the classic 8 holes (1460). The more holes the better, or so it seemed, until my buddy showed up in class with 20 holes (9663). I literally died and thought he went to school riding a horse to go with his equestrian looking boots. (He lived in Forbes Park so it wasn't surprising at all if he did)

When the whole hype died down I picked up a few more pairs with less holes (1461) and one with no holes (2976).

Almost two decades later and they're still some of my favorite non-sneaker models. I love my 1460 in classic black and 1461 and 2976 in brown beeswax leather.

I'm glad the Doc is back. Time to cure this sickness!

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