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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess who this buddy of mine is before Sunday and I'll take you shopping for a pair of *Nike basketball sneakers.

No clues, no nothing.

OG, BG or wannabe G. Now we'll know what you really are. Post your answers in the comments section along with your name and email address. Locals only. Yup, you read that right Rajah! :p

Good luck!

* This entry is not sponsored by Nike or any Nike retailer (unless they offer to after reading this entry)

Comments (13)

Will Hardison. I win.

Mclilbit in case you wanted the NT name. Win.

Jordan Michael Geller???

Dustin Reyes

Mclilbit perhaps?

Jason Petrie

Jason Paz

spuds mcgee

george qua

Rafe Bartholomew

Karl Louis P. Espiritu

magic johnson

Don "PIONEER" Cruz

Sham Wow Guy's lil' brother! LoLz.

Adam Michael Goldstein "DJ AM"

Josh San Juan

Kc, when you gonna announce the winners?

Mike Posner

Richard Plata

Chuck Norris

Eugene Usana

'nuff said.