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| Posted in , , , | Posted on Saturday, April 09, 2011

This has to be one of the coolest emails I have received in the past five years.

"Here's the latest Marvel Comics Herc #1, released last April 06, 2011. Artist Carlo Pagulayan drew the cover in pencils, I did the inks and kindly asked him if I could add in some Pinoy Easter Eggs in the background/alley. He said okay. I added 'We Legendary' on the lower right corner of the cover. 'NTPI' on the left side wall and 'Ronac Art Center' slightly above WeL. Waited about a week fingers crossed until the lineart gets through Marvel editorial. Got an approval and then colored and here's the published cover trade dress:"


"Tho my and the color artist sig got behind by production's 'savage first issue!' line, glad that the WeL salute is clear. :)


Awesome stuff Jason! Keep it up. I was a huge fan of American comic books growing up and enjoyed the artworks as much as the stories. This is just pure awesomeness!

Check out more of Jason's works by clicking HERE.

This should be an easy wL collector's item!

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i think i know the Inker... :) Salute!!!

Dope! Nice to see anotha Pinoy represent! Gotta pick this up and add it with my mid 90's and 2000's collection of Wetworks.wL got madd plugged!