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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a crazy Saturday night!

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? Crazy how some idiot of a security guard completely shut the elevator down killing everything while Mark, Moi and I were inside. Lights. Emergency phone. Ventilation. No bueno!

The worst part was there was no way to communicate to people outside the elevator. We screamed! Nothing. Cell phone signal? Dead. We forced the door open but we were between floors so there was really no chance of getting out.

10 minutes into our ordeal I whipped out my phone and recorded our last goodbyes. Shits too funny to be posted here, though. :p

How did we get out? Mark was clutch as his phone miraculously started working and got in touch with the building manager.

Our random thoughts while we waited to be rescued.

Mark: "It's gonna suck if I'm still here when my shop opens next week."

Moi: "Oh dear I'm gonna die! Why now!? Why a few days before I become manager? Help! I need to get out of here soon. I don't want to miss the next episode of Glee!"

Me: "Now I have an excuse why I missed an event earlier."

Off-topic but if you're in a food joint and the dip is free, shouldn't you get what you think is enough for you to fully enjoy your meal? Weird coz I ordered half a dozen wings at Charlie's last week and got at least half a cup of blue cheese but when I ordered a dozen wings last night I got two LITTLE cups only enough to fill two tablespoons. When I asked the server about it he said those two LITTLE servings are the same volume as half a cup INSTEAD OF OFFERING ME MORE.

I let five minutes pass and after my second wing I figured I was better off asking the manager since she's known me since her Ristras days. But guess what? She said the same thing the server said so I pointed at the basket with 10 wings still. She scoffed at me, disappeared into the kitchen then returned with ONE little cup of blue cheese. At that point I just gave up and lost my appetite and liking for Charlie's. They won't let you pay for extra blue cheese but they surely will make you feel bad for asking for more.

How terrible.

Anyway, my insane evening ended with me almost going home with close to 200,000 pesos.

31. Black.

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