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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photos from the Creative Recreation party...

Some of the interesting stuff they had on display


Ivan and Katrina

B and M

I missed you KC!

MDVL drinks like a fish


After the party, the REAL fun started. Occasion? Miko's going away party. First round, Tequila!

Second round, whiskey!

Mackie before leaving early

Miko already twisted and E thirsty for more

Which one is this again? Kidding!

Third round. Martin in the house! We struggled but we finished everything. I knew I was done when I started drinking water from the ice bucket. 0_o

3 bottles between 6 guys? RJ's expression shows it all.

Miko, we're gonna miss you man. Have fun in CA!

Good times y'all. Awesome set by the DJ. We stayed until he played "Teach Me How to Dougie" as I went out of my mind and took over the dance floor.

Ha ha.

Shout out to Donna, Karen, Raoul and Bianca, Mesh and the rest of the good folks I didn't get to shoot with my camera. Thank you to the great people behind Creative Recreation for the invite. We're looking forward to seeing your stuff hit the stores (word is Shoe Salon will get them soon).

Originality and imagination yo!


Creative Recreation.


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what stores will carry creative recs? thanks!