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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, September 14, 2018

Earlier this week I ordered an oversized fanny pack from @nognogdgk after he posted a photo of his latest @sackitph creation. My stuff could barely fit in my old @CarharttWIP Essentials bag after @weLegendary sent over a Fujifilm XF10 for my birthday so I figured why not a new bag? I really wanted @PeakDesign’s 5L Everyday Sling but am I really gonna spend $100 on one when I can buy 34 orders of @Jollibee’s Double Amazing Aloha Yumburger Meal with that money?! (I was never a fan of their burgers but trust me, this one will blow your mind.)⁣
I sent him a message on IG asking what colors were available and he replied quickly with about a dozen swatches including camo designs. I was this >< close to ordering one in camo but then I realized recently that I got so much camo stuff I can’t even see myself anymore. :/⁣
So I decided to settle with a solid color instead and went with the #NT color scheme. The red is much deeper in person and perfectly matches my NikeTalk fitted. I fucking love how it came out! Good job, Nog! Totally impressed with the stitching and materials used. Forget a Gucci fanny pack. Supporting local brands by OGs will always be way cooler!⁣
Stay safe and dry this stormy weekend, folks!⁣ ❤

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