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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014

About 3 years ago, artist Jason Paz did something VERY COOL for Niketalk and we Legendary that forever cemented the connection between three different subcultures (sneakers, skate and comics) with the same common factor. (collecting) 

Now he is back for another we Legendary project featuring a new 5thply deck that will surely knock your socks off.  Ladies and gentlemen, WONG's "Salvation" signature deck. Repent now or forever be doomed. Available starting tomorrow for only 2,200 pesos (with free griptape) at all we Legendary stores and! (and soon at other local skateshops)

Jason's "Salvation" sketches. You can also check out his other works HERE.
 photo Paz_zps4f640a86.jpg

 photo Paz7_zpsb004e21a.jpg

 photo Paz6_zps48bbf0bb.jpg

 photo Paz2_zps35fe4493.jpg

 photo Paz3_zpsb48c476a.jpg

 photo Paz8_zps7faf45a5.jpg

 photo Paz4_zpsb3378a5b.jpg

 photo Paz9_zpsb5b09ac5.jpg

 photo Paz5_zps675588fa.jpg

 photo WONG_zps1becb473.jpg

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