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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, February 14, 2014

With no sleep and still woozy from all the wine consumed at the Kobe IX event last night, I, along with BAE, made it to NAIA Terminal 3 with time to spare for our 5:40 am flight to one of my favorite cities in the world. Can you guess where?

I picked up this selfie (mono) stick from CDR-King and wrapped the handle with Angelo F*CKING Mendez's sticker.
 photo IMG_5843_zps8f8ecc33.jpg

I'm not even complaining since the airfare was hella cheap. (bought 4 months ago)
 photo IMG_5845_zps3cf804bb.jpg

Here we go!
 photo IMG_5842_zps60308c93.jpg

It can't get any better than this.
 photo IMG_5847_zps262f3a99.jpg

Round trip Airport Express plus unlimited MTR rides for 3 days. Purchased online for only HK$250 with a HK$50 rebate upon returning the card. Such a great deal!
 photo IMG_5851_zpsa3432336.jpg

The long walk from the Airport Express Station to the MTR station.
 photo IMG_5849_zpsbded1bfd.jpg

 photo IMG_5850_zps242edd64.jpg

Our home for the next 4 days.
 photo IMG_5850B_zps2ebdf6cc.jpg

 photo IMG_5852_zps268146f4.jpg

AIRBNB > Hotels. I paid 2 nights and got the 3rd night for free. Another great deal! Stay HERE next time you visit Hong Kong. It's in a quiet neighborhood near restaurants, Southorn Playground and the MTR station. You'll thank me for it. :)
 photo IMG_5853A_zps3dfb507b.jpg

Welcome note from Leo and Eileen.
 photo IMG_5853B_zps1d0c68b1.jpg

Nice view, eh?
 photo IMG_5854_zpsd35c4982.jpg

We walked around for 30 minutes going from bank to bank looking to have some money changed and ended up here. Best rates in Wan Chai and only charged us HK$40 for the transaction. (other banks wanted HK$100)
 photo IMG_5855_zps23c4a914.jpg

We wanted Sun Kee noodles for our first HK meal but when we got to the spot we saw this.
 photo IMG_5856_zps24565501.jpg

Good thing they didn't move far!
 photo IMG_5857_zps314eb3a6.jpg

 photo IMG_5858_zps781acbe2.jpg

 photo IMG_5859_zps4f161c5a.jpg

This is heaven in a bowl. Instant noodles with grilled pork neck, cheese sauce and egg. Only HK$44/order!
 photo IMG_5864_zps93bed7cd.jpg

 photo IMG_5865_zps1af125bd.jpg

 photo IMG_5867B_zps2db06b90.jpg

Disneyland for Valentine's Day? Why not!
 photo IMG_5871_zps3b16cda7.jpg

Not so hidden Mickey.
 photo IMG_5872_zpsdaca1703.jpg

Damn, she got the Tiffanys early! Must be that we Legendary connect.
 photo IMG_5876_zps7628e48d.jpg

The happiest place on earth and it's 10 degrees Celsius. Gotta love it!
 photo IMG_5879_zpscff0b479.jpg

 photo IMG_5880_zpsbae9c0a9.jpg

 photo IMG_5885_zpsf766e19f.jpg

 photo IMG_5887_zps8bd7cd77.jpg

 photo IMG_5889_zpsbf9163f2.jpg

 photo IMG_5892_zpsb3068115.jpg

 photo IMG_5893_zps19297df5.jpg

 photo IMG_5897_zpsef937e8a.jpg

 photo IMG_5898_zpsaa788edf.jpg

 photo IMG_5901B_zps1d3c12bf.jpg

 photo IMG_5903_zps8e000893.jpg

 photo IMG_5905_zps69486f10.jpg

 photo IMG_5907_zps30dddb01.jpg

 photo IMG_5908_zps869a7bbb.jpg

 photo IMG_5910_zps51449734.jpg

Something I didn't expect to see. Whoever left this old woman by herself has no soul.
 photo IMG_5915_zpsff1357a4.jpg

 photo IMG_5916_zps6e078acb.jpg

Where I would be if I wasn't Teflon Don-like.
 photo IMG_5920B_zpse5f24fbd.jpg

 photo IMG_5921B_zpsa804bef5.jpg

 photo IMG_5924_zps4bcdbe00.jpg

The effect I have on ladies. #LLP
 photo IMG_5926B_zpsbbd51a42.jpg

 photo IMG_5927_zps96af6bbe.jpg

 photo IMG_5928_zps37ebcfdf.jpg

 photo IMG_5930_zps1a75c538.jpg

 photo IMG_5931_zpsbd975a20.jpg

 photo IMG_5934_zps4ffb01d7.jpg

My favorite part of the park!
 photo IMG_5937_zpsfb5a5102.jpg

 photo IMG_5941_zpsb9c63467.jpg

 photo IMG_5942_zps5cf8e079.jpg

 photo IMG_5945_zps55d568c0.jpg

 photo IMG_5946_zpsf6f96e84.jpg

Andy is cominggg!
 photo IMG_5952_zps0e1248b1.jpg

 photo IMG_5954_zps16043ddc.jpg

No homo.
 photo IMG_5958B_zps85e30cef.jpg

 photo IMG_5960_zps2b192a90.jpg

Flight of Fantasy Parade.
 photo IMG_5965_zps96cd9651.jpg

 photo IMG_5966_zpsd990c0eb.jpg

 photo IMG_5967_zps5497c154.jpg

 photo IMG_5968_zps00fbb257.jpg

 photo IMG_5969_zps253462d0.jpg

 photo IMG_5970_zpsf102c314.jpg

 photo IMG_5971_zps52ed05f5.jpg

 photo IMG_5972_zpse2c4dc98.jpg

 photo IMG_5973_zps0a04ae65.jpg

 photo IMG_5974_zps2fc7367e.jpg

 photo IMG_5975_zps532b1800.jpg

 photo IMG_5977_zps8606e06b.jpg

 photo IMG_5978_zps0613af29.jpg

 photo IMG_5979_zps18e25274.jpg

 photo IMG_5980_zps86731996.jpg

 photo IMG_5981_zpsc228af3c.jpg

I was still dizzy from a previous ride so I skipped this. :\
 photo IMG_5982_zpsb116f65d.jpg

 photo IMG_5984_zps720d287b.jpg

 photo IMG_5987_zps0f3a5cd8.jpg

 photo IMG_5988_zpsce226d60.jpg

 photo IMG_5991_zps10893084.jpg

 photo IMG_5993_zps059009a4.jpg

Beat my score.
 photo IMG_5998_zpsc7a6dcc7.jpg

Our last stop before heading back to the city.
 photo IMG_6009_zpsad4109d9.jpg

 photo IMG_6014_zps58d7eb54.jpg

 photo IMG_6015_zps6eab1c3d.jpg

 photo IMG_6016_zps30d9f212.jpg

Bye, Mickey and the gang!
 photo IMG_6018_zps8555c55f.jpg

Central to end the night.
 photo IMG_6021_zps3b55cc61.jpg

 photo IMG_6022_zps9a6b13de.jpg

 photo IMG_6026_zpsdab2051b.jpg

Where are all the social climbers at? LOL.
 photo IMG_6027_zps86aa405c.jpg

 photo IMG_6029_zps7c89184b.jpg

Crazy people.
 photo IMG_6031_zps4fd06b8d.jpg

I wonder what happened here.
 photo IMG_6034_zps9a83a914.jpg

 photo IMG_6035_zpsf89362fe.jpg

Why buy alcohol from LKF bars when 7-11 sells these.
 photo IMG_6036_zps2fc44d7f.jpg

 photo IMG_6037_zps630a3402.jpg

 photo IMG_6038_zpsdb3f1aa0.jpg

 photo IMG_6039_zps8c467627.jpg

What the?
 photo IMG_6040_zpsfad89614.jpg

Shout out to Nicky Diamonds.
 photo IMG_6041_zps928f198b.jpg

What I came here for. (according to what I told the BFA to extend the validity of my passport)
 photo IMG_6042_zps69dba517.jpg

 photo IMG_6044_zps9214f291.jpg

We missed the last train so we walked from Central to Wan Chai. Forget cabbing it!
 photo IMG_6046_zpse66201ef.jpg

I wanted to stay away from American fast food joints during the trip but since everything was closed we ended up here.
 photo IMG_6048_zps33cb49ab.jpg

I thought this was gross.
 photo IMG_6049_zpsa8bd371d.jpg

Until we saw this. Shout out to McDonald's on Johnston Road!
 photo IMG_6051_zpsfac12bde.jpg

I'm glad to be back. I wonder if I still have friends here. Billy Pang, Mike Chung, Gary Co, Kevin Ma and Edison Chen, you there?
 photo IMG_6052B_zpsec027cfb.jpg

Tomorrow we take on the city!

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