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| Posted in , , , | Posted on Thursday, September 05, 2013

I did the rounds today and picked up some of goodies that will be raffled off THIS SUNDAY. Y'all better be there because if not then I'm keeping all the gift cheques, shoes, tees and gear for myself. Sike! Are you excited? I know I am. I can't wait! 

First stop? Converse. Hopefully this will reconnect me with one of my fav brands EVER. Thank you, Jun and BJ!
 photo IMG_0641_zpsd96e7d15.jpg

Thank you, Cecile!
 photo IMG_0645_zpsfb99c008.jpg

 photo IMG_0647_zpsd6675b96.jpg

 photo IMG_0648_zps2240915e.jpg

Make it rain.
 photo IMG_0649_zps71f6827f.jpg

 photo IMG_0650_zps5e69cd03.jpg

First time back since January. Eek! I sure did miss this place. Thank you, Jason!
 photo IMG_0652_zps51a20e09.jpg

Headed over to Titan a day after Raoul said he has something for me that would make me FLIP. Nike got cute and re-released what #NT'ers and I went crazy over more than 10 years ago. The difference? They used Nike Dunk Highs this time instead of Air Force 1 Lows. I still dig them. These bring back good memories of sneaker collecting. (unlike today's BS)

 photo IMG_0656_zps9cd7e17d.jpg

 photo IMG_0657_zpsa5ac08ae.jpg

These came out a few weeks ago but they're still FIRE. 3M Snake. I'm copping these soon.
 photo IMG_0658_zpsc942be07.jpg

With flash!
 photo IMG_0660_zpsc690eeaf.jpg

Cocoa Snake.
 photo IMG_0662_zps3a663f76.jpg

Smell it.
 photo IMG_0664_zps6857f0c2.jpg

I like this installation. (but it's a waste of good books)
 photo IMG_0665_zps3edde7e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0669_zps0fb18fbb.jpg

I need to know.
 photo IMG_0671_zps0f654539.jpg

First time at SM Aura aka Snooze Mall and saw these guys. Not sure if it was long over or if they caught the Brandy flu.
 photo IMG_0672_zps438f6b84.jpg

You must be a Bulls fan...
 photo IMG_0675B_zps7e425fe4.jpg

See you on Sunday!

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