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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, September 29, 2013

Don't get lost in treacherous waters. Avoid if you must and just kick it with us! It's SunDAZED version Bay Slaps, yo. Yee!
 photo IMG_1291_zps9d04e4f0.jpg

The Powder Room girls Erica and Margaux. * BITES LIPS *
 photo IMG_1292_zps63f5f6b0.jpg

DJ Skratchmark and Jeremy The DJ.
 photo IMG_1293_zpsb963098d.jpg

It's Sandro!
 photo IMG_1294_zps5b317a34.jpg

Maria in the middle.
 photo IMG_1295_zps68566b8b.jpg

Murdah Kween.
 photo IMG_1296_zps2dc470c4.jpg

Jandric, Joey and Sarah.
 photo IMG_1297_zps1e176d09.jpg

Angelo, Lala and Maria.
 photo IMG_1298_zps37672767.jpg

Erica brought baked goodies and it was hella nom!
 photo IMG_1299_zpsa059d5d3.jpg

And I brought this delicious heart stopper, the best chicharon ever!
 photo IMG_1300_zps230a74a5.jpg

Sunday chillin'
 photo IMG_1301_zps953dec6a.jpg

My Norwegian loves.
 photo IMG_1305_zpsc4ddf16f.jpg

adidas Originals Marathon 85.
 photo IMG_1306_zpse4780c10.jpg

Joshua, Axel and Miel.
 photo IMG_1307_zps257fd4d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1308_zps51b26811.jpg

 photo IMG_1310_zps1cc031cd.jpg

 photo IMG_1314_zps7ce89bed.jpg

Aracama has really good mojitos.
 photo IMG_1316_zpsc039c619.jpg

Erica couldn't resist.
 photo IMG_1317_zps200b5355.jpg

Pam's new do!
 photo IMG_1318_zpsbd64125a.jpg

Chris, Neil and Alex.
 photo IMG_1320_zpsd26e7b2a.jpg

Post-SunDAZED meal.
 photo IMG_1321_zpsf5fe9494.jpg

 photo IMG_1324_zpsb83f5ea2.jpg

And chicken for me.
 photo IMG_1325_zpsa03bbe7a.jpg

 photo IMG_1327_zps5c6363b3.jpg

See you next Saturday at M Cafe with The Powder Room girls and DJ Badkiss for Rooted!

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