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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011

The other night after the Kobe event Mark, Moy, The New Guy and I stopped by B&T Mexican Kitchen on the corner of Ortigas and Madison for dinner (intersection before Ronac Art Center). I've been hearing about this joint for a few months now but for some reason I never bothered going even though I love Mexican food. I was still stuffed from Araneta and didn't really feel like eating so I told Mark we'll just share whatever they decide to order.

I was more excited to see and chat with Philip (the owner) than the actual food. All that changed when the food was served.

Welcome to B&T

Part of the menu

Some cool hand painted wine bottles on the counter

Your burrito, your choice of ingredients.

I was supposed to only have these. Chips and chili. It's hard to find good chili so I tried their spicy version and it was nom.

Philip sent out a few more plates he wanted us to try. I was so full but he insisted. Once I took a bite I knew I found my new favorite Mexican resto. Try these taquitos and you will thank me for it.

I thought I was done but the food kept coming and I couldn't resist. I kept telling myself this couldn't be better than the last dish they served but I was wrong. These flautas are the bomb! It seriously felt like I was in one of my favorite taquerias in San Francisco IF NOT BETTER.

Mango-glazed Habanero chicken wings. BEST. WINGS. IN. TOWN. It's so damn good I didn't even ask for dipping sauce.

There was so much food I didn't even get to try the burrito. I'm sure it's also worth ordering but the dishes I posted above are enough for me to keep coming back to this place. It's THAT DELICIOUS.

"Like" B&T Mexican Kitchen HERE.

Look for Philip when you visit and tell him I sent you!


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