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| Posted in , , | Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peep Coca-Cola's Happiness Truck video! (Philippines) Don't blink and wait for the 1:24 mark.

Nike SB happiness

weLegendary's Jayson and Akuma

NTPI (Since 'Krux) and weLegendary tees

I died when the lechon came out. Ha ha ha.

What do you want to come out of the truck when it's your turn? Obsidian Janoski?


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That was a pretty ill commercial. Is it being aired on Philippine TV now?

NTPI and WeLegendary :hat congrats to you guys.

DOPE! I would love to see that truck cruse by in my neighborhood, and see some white guy pull out a big Lechon! Just to see his reaction seeing the pigs head, snout, ears, and tail come out of the! That would be freakin' hilarious!

i had no idea that was a NTPI shirt