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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First day showing of Transformers 2 so I rushed to the mall after work to buy some tickets. I wanted my eldest son to be one of the first ones to watch it. It would suck if he goes back to school on Monday and hear the other kids talk about the movie without him seeing it first.

My initial plan was to score some iMax tickets but the hotline was busy the whole day. I wasn't gonna drive all the way to SM Mall of Asia with no assurance of getting good tickets. I drove to Power Plant Mall instead and arrived there around 6pm. I was surprised to find out that tickets for the 8, 9, 9:30, and 10pm screenings were already sold out. It was too late to watch the last full show at 11pm so I just bought tickets for the following day.

Optmius watching the line

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this Japanese burger joint. I had to try it since I was already in the area. Located next to Cibo.

No social skills? Order using the macheeen!

"What can you recommend for a first timer?"

Flippin' burgers

The wall

The crowd

Unlucky, no?

Double Master Burger

Chili Master Fries

Soda. Pop. Softdrinks.

Total damage

You'd never think you're in a third world country when you're in this mall

Sexy behind

Manny Pacqiuao x Victorinox

My verdict on Sango! burgers?

The best I ever had.

Word to Drake.

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That looks like a heart attack on a bun! YUUUUUUM!