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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, June 21, 2009

After work I went to the mall to drop off a package at LBC.

Stopped by my favorite fast pizza-pasta joint. Sbarro.

Last time I had a spinach calzone at Sbarro SM Megamall, it was goooood. This one? Craaap.

In nicer Metro Manila malls, 10 pesos will get you this

A clean restroom with toilet paper, lotion, alcogel and airconditioning

What did I tell you? I'm the best wrapper alive. And I will eat gifts alive.

I saw this on my way to the parking lot. The one on the right is a must have. K-Swiss Classic!!! Retail is 4,400 pesos. I remember the most I paid for a pair was 2,200 pesos. Must've gone through a dozen pairs back in high school and college.

My last pair. Sneaker Pimps Manila. February 5, 2005. Yes, I wore them with the tag on. Ha ha.

I wonder if Nikki still works for K-Swiss SEA...

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I was was you I saw in Trinoma. I was inside Avant (Abenson) when you passed by. Monday right? You should get an A-Card Jo for free Lounge and 4 hour parking and mall discounts.


Creepy... Ha ha. You should've said what up.