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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, June 08, 2009

After around a dozen court dates.

After all the time and money wasted.

It's finally over.

The score?


Not to preempt the court's decision. I'm just saying. The fact that I survived it makes me the winner.

Instead of discussing the details, I'll rant about what I had to go through the past year.

1. See all those people on tv crying for justice? I feel their pain. A simple civil case filed against me took more than a year to resolve. Theirs will take forever.

2. Court clerks are crooks. Yes I said it. Who charges 500 pesos for a transcript of the previous court date? Am I not supposed to pay only for the photocopy. Isn't that what the government is paying you for? It would've been alright if the stenographer at least got HALF of the words I said correctly. When I read the transcript I felt like I was hoodwinked. You can't even say no to these people. They hustle you into thinking that it's your obligation to pay for their crap they call work. Today I paid 500 pesos upon entering the courtroom then I had to pay another 1,500 pesos after I was cross examined because according to some old lady who approached me, my answers during the cross examination were too long and they had difficulty understanding my "slang" accent. What an idiot. She said, "1,000 pesos for the transcript and 300 pesos for me." 300 pesos for you? For what? How are you gonna be that old and still be crooked? I gave 1,500 just to get it over with and she didn't even bother to give me my change. They knew it was my last appearance there and they had to hustle me one last time. YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!!!

3. How difficult is it to text the people involved in the case whenever the judge or stenographer isn't around? Do you really think just because I speak straight English I shit money?

4. Stray dog in the courtroom. 'Nuf said.

5. A supposedly hotshot lawyer disappearing in the middle of the battle, never to be seen again. What a way to finish you chump. That's what I call a highway robbery. You should set up an ebay account so your client can leave a NEGATIVE feedback for your incompetence. If you did that to me I would bitch slap you to my next case.

What's next?

The main battle.

And I will win it again.


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