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| Posted in , , | Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2009

My favorite niece who can sing will be leaving the motherland soon. She's never had Greek food so I brought her to Cyma Eastwood.

The resto was packed and we were the 5th on the list. We got some yogurt while we waited for our table.

Medium Original with Cap'n Crunch and mango

Dear Jon Pena... Red Mango tastes the same in the PI

Sooooo two thousand and late

Steak! Dinner was fun. Convo about L&L, beaches, SF, LA, work, fam and the Philippine culture.

I always order this.

Eastwood Mall

Did I say she can sing? (click to play)

Adios! Regards to the fam.

PS. I had so much Cyma yogurt dip with my chicken it killed my stomach. By the time I got home the car's interior smelled like fart. R.I.P. toilet bowl.

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HAHA, shit me too! -_- Oh well, it was still good.

whoa.. she's a singer!! lovely voice.. =)