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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you know how easy it is to buy your own domain name? All you need is $10 for the first year and takes less than ten minutes to set up. I did mine last year when I started this site on and purchased the web address from using Google Checkout.

Pretty easy, eh?

Now if you do not renew your domain in time, you will be facing a very difficult process of of getting it back.

The email I used to sign up was deactivated by my ISP so I failed to receive the notice about the renewal of my domain name which expired on May 23, 2009. For weeks some of my readers complained that they couldn't access my site if they only type I knew right away that it had something to do with my failure to renew my domain.

I spent hours online trying to fix the problem. I checked my blog settings. Nothing. Signed up on and tried to renew it from there. Nada. Googled for a solution. Zero. I found out that my domain was "parked" and I only had a month to renew it before it was offered again in the market. There was no way I was gonna let another person get a hold of my domain name so I emailed Google for help and received this in my inbox more than a week ago.

Then earlier I received this. What a sigh of relief!

To the good-hearted person who helped me out, I know you're reading this, all I can say is... MARAMING SALAMAT!

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