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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, June 21, 2009

I was invited by my ex co-workers to their first anniversary celebration at HSBC. I wasn't gonna say no to people who showed me so much love during my stay.

I arrived at the venue a little past midnight and saw this set-up.

The boys were there to welcome me

Mommy Rachelle, Noni and the controversial JR lol

Lei and Kat the Giant!

Monina's food was off the hook. Rib eye steak, mashed potatoes and the oh so yummy nachos!!!

The best damn nachos in the Philippines. I need Monina's contact info. Anyone?

Cris and Alex


Big bosses with Butch

My main man Jaise rockin' the mic

Shikko the Sheep. Freaking hilarious. Click to play.

WTF Blue!?

Damn I miss these guys, no homo

Too Asian with the signs

Oh Francine! lolololol

Showing Tranche 3 some <3

Heart! That's her name!

Getting something from the vehicle. Unwanted alcohol.

No blur here. No threesome in the back either. Kat likes {()}

Oh snap! The sun is up!

Thanks a million for inviting me! I felt at home. I'll see you again on July 5.

Major Manor yooo!

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Looked like a good time!

I died seeing that video!!

one f*ing year?! f*ing fast!