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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2009

I had work Friday night as I attended an event sponsored by the magazine. Good thing I showed up even though I was under the weather. The rest of the team flaked except for Sam and Ryan. What a waste since there were so many potential clients who attended the event.

On with the photos.

The wall

Variant Robin outside

Jacq is back in black

VIP area

Val and Juan Miguel

Guess who's back in town!

I see you KC!

You too Owen!

Sam he is

The birthday girl

with Circa looking


FabTrix with some of the models

Some people have figured it out already

Andy rollin' through even with no sleep

Free alcohol for the select few

Mr. Authenticite

I heard these dudes offer free Boracay trips

Lovely couple with FabTrix

Ms. Clavel whut!?

Now back to colored programming.


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Clavel needs to wake up and smell the coffee if they wanna make a profit