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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The openers were sent home early for New Year's eve and I made it home safely before it started getting crazy on the streets. Thanks boss!

It's been a tradition for Filipinos to welcome the new year with a bang. Literally. People spend thousands of pesos on fireworks and light up the sky to their heart's content. The only thing discouraged is firing your guns in the air. Gotta love the Philippines!

The light rain didn't stop people from showcasing their arsenal of fireworks. I filmed the sky for 20 minutes and welcomed 2009 by myself. Below is a 10 minute clip I recorded when the clock struck twelve midnight. One of the best videos I've recorded so far. Please do watch every second of it.

After the all the noise and smoke, I non-nonchalantly entered the house teary-eyed and was greeted by my dad with a kiss and a hug followed by my mom and my sister. I locked myself in the room for a good thirty minutes, missing media noche, because I just felt like crying. No tears rolled down my face though. 2008 was tough. I seriously can't see myself going through another year full of BS. I went downstairs, ate, went back up and hit the sheets but not before downing a can of beer.

2009, here I come...

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firework is crazy!!!!!
happy new year