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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, December 01, 2008

I first heard of this place from my coworker. He said he saw Cristine Reyes, a local starlet, come out of a new restaurant in Trinoma Mall. I could care less about the girl even though she's a certified hottie. I was more interested in checking the place out because at first I thought it was the same restaurant I went to in South Coast Plaza Mall last year. Since I'm bad with names, I always get places mixed up especially when they share the same name. When I Googled it, I saw that the one that I went to in SoCal was Ruby's Diner and the one my coworker was talking about was Ruby Tuesday.

I was really hoping it was Ruby's Diner because they serve some of the best burgers I've tried. I decided to check out Ruby Tuesday anyway since the menu online was enough to convince me to do so.

Here are some photos

The interior

Loaded fries. Hella good but don't order it if it's just you and your date. You'll be stuffed even before the main dish arrives.

Chicken Parmesan. Hella good also. Good for two. I'm only saying this because I didn't finish it both times I ordered it.

I would say this joint beats out your favorite American restos (T.G.I. Fridays or Chili's). The food is simply awesome. Visit it if you want to dine in peace. Avoid it if you're looking for a loud ambience. This is definitely a no frills restaurant with nothing to offer but great food and good service.

It is indeed simple fresh American dining.

Party of two will run you from 1,500 pesos and up (2 drinks, appetizer, 2 main dishes)

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Steak is yummy here but pricey!