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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can't believe I missed a day of entry. For those who haven't noticed it yet I update this site daily, hence the title. I'll make up for it by posting twice tomorrow.

I did some last minute Christmas shopping today for the kids, my parents and the bosses. My day started out by dropping by the Ms. Clavel HQ to meet up with the fam and to pick up my ATM card. After that I headed to Greenhills and stayed there for four hours. I was surprised at the few number of people shopping. I guess the magic of Greenhills has faded into Bolivia. Word to Mike Tyson. Gone are the days when you go to Greenhills to get good deals on just about anything. Now you're better off shopping at the malls since the prices in the tiangge are ridiculously high and haggling will only save you this much.

I only go to Greenhills for the old school toy stores, bootleg video games and electronic gadgets.

OG Viramall > V-Mall

Yes, rape prices

Like what I said yesterday. Now available in stores.

I headed to Trinoma around dinner time to finish my last minute Christmas shopping. Ended the night with some beer, pizza and people watching with a tattooed buddy I bumped into at Greenhills.

Blurred receipts

Who me? Selfish?

Time to wrap these babies.

Oh, and THE CHEQUE cleared. Woo hoo!.

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