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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, December 08, 2008

Ms. Clavel's launch @ Embassy Cuisine was a huge success. It was definitely the sneaker event of the year. Who would've thought 5 years ago that we'd see a magazine like this in the Philippines? What started as an idea and presented to me less than 6 months ago became a reality after Endo put together a superb team of talented individuals (clears throat) to work on the magazine. I have a feeling more and more companies will support the magazine in the near future. Nike Philippines, you there?

I arrived early after I was invited to have dinner with the Ms. Clavel family. The first guests arrived a little before 9pm. Around 9:30pm, the place was almost packed and people couldn't wait for the program to start. When the DVD played on the projector screen, the dudes went wild while most of the females looked embarrassed. There was nothing explicit in the vid. I guess the women felt funny with all the men howling at half naked chicks. Ha ha. Things got more interesting when four Ms. Clavel models showcased a number of rare sneakers on silver platters. For 2 hours, drinks overflowed. Talk about OPEN BAR. I only had a double whisky on the rocks. I totally lost track of the time as I moved from one group to another, chatting with old and new faces.

I present to you the photos and some vids.


Something I got for my man Endo

The venue

Here we go! (click to play)

Ryan's G1

Borgy, Mr. and Mrs., Sam and Chooee. Not knowing how to operate a camera FTL!

My fav model for the night

The receptionist

Team I ain't smashing

What I ate while waiting for the guests to arrive. Buffalo chicken sandwich @ Cafeteria is hella good.

My other name

Red carpet

Asian powerhouse


NT in full effect


Dandy and his crew

I don't even know what's going on here

Stop shooting!

Let's go officers!

The kicks

The scene inside

Click to play

My fav couple

Streething x Ms. Clavel x Fresh

Chicks and kicks

Dee Bee Dee Dee Bee Dee Dee Bee Dee (click to play)

Happy Taguig Day!

Click to play

The after party @ Shakey's Makati Ave.

Rolex boys ain't got shit on us

Chicken almost done


Last but not the least... Ms. Clavel

Shout-outs to the Ms. Clavel family especially my main Endo and his lovely wife. Congratulations on a job well done! Borgy and his crew, awesome job my dudes. What a night to remember. Cuisine is definitely what's up. Much love to those who supported the event. Chooee all the way from KL, Malaysia. Check out his site HERE. Also to Big Boi and FRESH Manila. NT'ers Carlo and his wife Ruth (nice feature man), Mark and Kheiy (peep the inside back cover of the mag for their WeLegendary ad), Arvin, Glenn, Alvin (your story made it!), Vdeezy (good to see you again man), Sinichi of Sole, Dandy and his crew (what a lively group, must be the alcohol ha ha), Jay, Flashout, Miko and his brother. What up to Mykhan and his brother, Kim C, Shikko, Jammi and his moody friend, Jano, MK, Mong and Chicosci. Forgive me if I missed anyone. Shout-outs also to all the 100 or so non-NT guests who RSVPed but never bothered to say hello (a few did). I hope you all had fun!

'Til our next gathering.

Peace out!

* NOTES: The magazine will be available at Filbar's next week followed by your favorite magazine outlets. Grab a copy before the mag sells out! If you want to be featured, email with your stories and photos.

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Did you smash? lol!

BTW, pick up an external flash for future events (Canon 430EX is all you need)...will make a huge difference.


I need me a Clavel Breezy...