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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, December 25, 2008

First time celebrating the holidays at my parents' house in over a decade. I woke up at 8am as I didn't want to miss any of the guests. Too bad the ones I expected the most never showed up. Oh well...

Welcome. It may not look much from the outside...

But this is where true Christmas tradition lives on. Every year, my dad carves the ham and queso de bola.

No Christmas lights on a plastic tree = no fire hazard. I remember when I was a kid my brother and I would help my dad put up the Christmas tree.

Gifts galore

Christmas eve. Rushed to the house for a quick lunch (9pm). My coworkers and I missed noche buena and misa de gallo. Working during the holidays FTL! We had soup, ham and bread. Yum.

Guilt-free money envelopes for my nephews and nieces

Christmas day featuring one of my mom's maids holding the soda bottles

My mom prepared a feast! This one is for ABC.

My mom's stuffed turkey was hella good

So was the morcon

My uncle from the Bay Area with my dad

My nephews

Greeting my AIM peeps while playing loud Christmas music

My cousin's new born baby


I was lucky not to work on Christmas day but my coworkers were not so fortunate so I asked them to have lunch at the house. Quickstrike meals FTW!

Unclaimed gifts

* SIGH *

The following morning. My brother and his kids. This sight brought tears to my eyes. Don't ask why. Long story.

Random photos

Tito, Vic and Joey

My neighbor

My mom's little Santas

You're welcome to join us next year

Happy Holidays people!!!

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Hook me up with Your Co worker Wearing Red during the quickstrike Lunch Meal? Tell Her Im coming home in Jan and Marunong po ako mag Mahal... FTW

The hanging Santas are cute!

great blog and nice pictures..
added you to my favorits
happy new year!
greetings from Belgium