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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, December 05, 2008

I met up with a college buddy who touched down from New York less than 8 hours ago to get a package. I haven't seen the dude since graduation but we kept in touch through text messages and online messengers. His initial plan was only to attend a family reunion in New York but for some reason, he decided to stay for work. At first I found it strange since he was doing so well here but after I talked to him, it all made sense. He wanted to do something on his own and that's what he exactly did.

For months he worked his ass off and took care of his less fortunate relatives back home by sending them boxes and boxes of stuff. Even though to some it was a lowly job, to him was it was a good honest living.

I picked him up from his house after work and treated him to breakfast at Heaven and Eggs. There we shared stories of our different adventures during our stay in the USA. Dude hasn't changed at all. He's still the funny and smart person I knew back in the day. He was also my Hong Kong shopping buddy. We raided Fa Yuen St. and Causeway Bay for the best steals on sneakers and designer brands.

I invited him to the Ms. Clavel launch but he'll be flying out to Cagayan de Oro tomorrow to attend to his restaurant as they expect a huge crowd for Sunday's fight.

Here we are at my favorite breakfast place. He loved the Country Fried Steak with crunchy egg.

Why the moniker?

Well, he gets the job done.


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