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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, June 07, 2024

The Bee has finally landed in Seattle!!! 

Insane opening day! There were hundreds of people and cars in line but the Jollibee staff took it like a Champ (YSWIDT) and everything went smoothly. The wait wasn't bad at all and with the world-famous Jollibee selection of fried chicken and spaghetti, it was definitely worth it. Mabuhay Seattle! Mabuhay Jollibee! Mabuhay ang Filipino! 

Now allow me to flood you with a bunch of photos from today. Enjoy!

Now let's go inside and say hi to some of the first 100 customers.

First customer!


We got Jollibee merch here but not in the Philippines.

Hey DJ please play NewJeans, lol. 

Gang gang.

More of the first 100 customers.

Still going.

No delivery for now.

The line cleared up a bit a few hours after the doors opened so I thought I might as well bring some home. 

Bag secured!

You know I just had to pick up some merch.

The celebration continues throughout the weekend with more free stuff for the first 100 customers of each day! (Click to enlarge.)

Jollibee merch is also available online HERE

Jollibee Seattle is located in Rainier Valle Square. Click HERE for Google Maps direction and reviews or click HERE to join the Reddit discussion. 

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