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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2024

Back at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle to check out the north side where the waterfront trail is. 

Those Laurelhurst houses, though. 

Ze wife spotted this great blue heron which I stalked for the next several minutes to get a decent shot not knowing that it could have shanked me with its beak. 💀 

Slow down.

And take your time.

To get that perfect shot.

The waterfront trail was a dud because it was under construction so we went to the main loop trail instead. 

Highlight of the day. Saw a family of 4 or 5 bald eagles flight training their little one.

Much-needed refuel after walking for 2-3 hours Smash That Burger Co

The Oklahoma and Kimchi Smash burgers along with the Saucy fries were good but a little bit on the salty side. Nothing a cold pint from Rooftop Brew Co. can't fix! (You can bring food inside Rooftop Brew Co.)

Hella random but how come I don't see as many people celebrating 4/20? Is polluting your lungs not as cool anymore as it was pre-Covid?

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