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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, October 15, 2021

Such an odd way to hit. I didn't even want them at first but I for some odd reason I was up at 3 am so I was like alright I might as well stay up until 4 am and try for a pair. When it was go time I was able to quickly add my size to my cart but everything kept freezing and timing out during the checkout process. Weird but I never got the queue window like how most of you did. Shop Pay was tripping so I checked out as guest but then made the mistake of auto-filling my shipping details. I used my card but with ze wife's billing address. Surprisingly, after a 20 minutes of trying, the transaction went through!

The shipping label was created the next day but 4 days had lapsed before my order was shipped out. Surprisingly, it only took 2 days to go from the Netherlands to Germany to Seattle to my doorstep!

I always go half a size up in Air Maxes. 

Nike should do this more often. It's like opening a Happy Meal!

Low-key might be the biggest contender for sneaker of the year. 

A+ materials

Visit the official site HERE.


Did you hit on SNKRS today?

I wanna hear your Nike Air Max 1 Waves Monarch story!

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