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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 26, 2019

12 years. This dude really went from stalking an Asian dude wearing Huarache Lights in San Francisco in 2007 (his version of the story, not mine), to working on his first business plan (Tumbo), to being one of the few cool peeps at Nike HQ (most of them are jerks), to becoming a Grandmaster Wizard of Coffee (@DeadstockCoffee), to kicking it with the same Asian dude in 2019, LOL. Super proud of my dude @eeeweezie and what he's accomplished since the first time we met. The best thing about him? He remained the same great person throughout. Welcome to SB Revival at OG ARCHIVED PHILIPPINES!

Latte throwdown with the Archived baristas.

Which one is better?

Too close to call!

So refreshing to be surrounded by some of the realest in the game. Thank you so much for having us!

Didn't know this size existed in the "Wet Floor" Dunk High until I was today years old. Crazy.

Thank you for the loot, Mackie!

Posting some of the dope stuff they have in store.

Now that's how you let the beat build.

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