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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

Thankful even with how SUCKY this year has been. I wasn't really looking forward to having birthday dinner out with the family until I stumbled upon this restaurant online while getting ready. Welcome to Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen. Wondering if it's any good? Read on.
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0013_zpsoku7o0dt.jpg

Ceviche De Pescado
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0014_zpsslpd9cws.jpg

Lomo Saltado
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0016_zpsqphphl45.jpg

Arroz Con Mariscos
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0015_zpsnlz3d19j.jpg

Chuleta De Cerdo
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0020_zpsqd0qybkb.jpg

Polle Entero
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0017_zpsbsuu4fdw.jpg

 photo IMG-20150831-WA0022_zpswvilsswn.jpg

 photo IMG-20150831-WA0018_zpsncpiqmgl.jpg

Alfajores and Pie De Limon
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0019_zpsvhvvyirg.jpg

5 stars and 2 mojitos
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0027_zpsvly7ee2b.jpg

Part of the menu
 photo IMG-20150831-WA0023_zpsquwtdzpu.jpg

 photo IMG-20150831-WA0024_zps5oph7zco.jpg

 photo IMG-20150831-WA0025_zpskjnkbryr.jpg

 photo IMG-20150831-WA0026_zps1laqit75.jpg

BEST QC FIND ALL YEAR! I will definitely be back soon. @daperuviankitchen

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