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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 24, 2015

What's The 411 Thursday hip-hop nights at Raven MNL be like...
 photo 1614552_866528446760166_6402001637277641864_o_zpsvrveatbc.jpg

I didn't miss DJ Jena's set tonight. Woot! Nice hair, yo!
 photo 11802595_866495483430129_5045527868213824960_o_zpsdh7wteld.jpg

DJ M.O.D. killed it with 90's/00's West Coast bangers!
 photo 11794110_866507060095638_4734831502531574847_o_zpstxxvkjre.jpg

Miss Teaze played "Walk It Out" and that's what I did... on stage. LOL.
 photo 11731707_866523216760689_494347014926239804_o_zpsk4cvuwtz.jpg

Awww these two!
 photo 11807106_866517283427949_8957077725195925943_o_zps8yjmi61j.jpg

With classmate Kim and new recruit San Francisco girl Mia, lol.
 photo 11794588_866528193426858_249802282198707444_o_zpssbz2rnav.jpg

The face I make when G snaps me unexpectedly.
 photo 11224637_866513340095010_3453074997963491622_o_zpsasqlxoco.jpg

That struggle of a trip to City of Dreams and what ensued after is one for the books.

Photos courtesy of @reginaechavez and @jcgellidon

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