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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 01, 2015

I swore years ago I would never post a "Complex" or "Buzzfeed" type of list but when I saw drama brewing on my facebook feed over heavily discounted signature basketball shoes and talking to Mark we Legendary about it and the current state of the local market, I figured I might as well poke fun at everybody involved (minus the retailer/s where the stocks came from).  Resellers trying to take advantage of the sale by scooping up items that stores can't even move, "online authority" getting mad at them for reselling GR shoes (read: You should only sell limited ones! LOL), and everything in between is funny.

The jig is up, yo.
 photo A_zps2sbuihdv.jpg

Look at how ridiculously cheap these are!
 photo A2_zpsavzp3zfo.jpg

 photo A3_zps97fukizr.jpg

Here are 9 things more expensive than your discounted Jordans. 


1. This smartphone is a must to round up your "homies" and to map your "moves."
 photo AG2_zpsn9wx9lg5.jpg

2. Of course you wanna look fly while you line up for hours. Full zip your hoodie to switch to incognito mode.
 photo AG3_zpse0ugo8wb.jpg

3. But leave your "heat" at home and wear this since you wanna be comfortable. Plus points if you wear socks.
 photo AG1_zpsotk7sq8k.jpg

4. Feed up to 10 of your hired squad. Resellers and their helpers gotta eat too!
 photo AG8_zpszbduvqan.jpg

5. This up yours is what it feels like a couple of hours into your quest to get in the venue.
 photo AG4_zps1doaqr13.jpg

6. You can sit on this when you get tired of waiting. Available at select "skate shops."
 photo AG7_zpsnwfkpebn.jpg

7. Don't forget to rest and freshen up after a long day queuing and shopping.
 photo AG9_zpsm2ficdmb.jpg

8. Feeling good from your steals (it's not how much you spent, it's how much you saved), you switch fits to go on a night out. You figured since you got so much swagu, you minus whale bless others with it. * VOMITS *
 photo AG6_zps1iwqhjbw.jpg

9. Complete your steez with your freshest pair of "quality" Air Jordans aka fugazzis. Who wears originals anyway when you can always flip them for profit? Forget about it!
 photo AG5_zpsgfamohss.jpg

* BONUS * uber trip from Nike Philippines to Nike Factory Store Subic.
 photo AG10_zpsm0w6se6n.jpg

Now the question is, do big discounts on signature shoes (read: major case of overstocking) decrease their value and appeal? Read the "Usage, Attitude and Image" study I did for a local Nike retailer about 10 years ago and you will find the answer. 

I know it's online somewhere.


* First 3 photos courtesy of Raymond Soriano. Check out the rest his set HERE.

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