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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's been a while since I last went on a charcoal run so when my dearest mother asked if I could drive her to Subic, I said yes with the quickness. Who doesn't love a quick getaway? After a 2.5 hour drive, we finally arrived at our destination.
 photo IMG_20150125_100701-153_zps6e492cee.jpg

Where are the monkeys at?
 photo IMG_20150125_100825-154_zps0578c5f3.jpg

Good morning Subic Bay Yacht Club! I never get tired of this place.
 photo IMG_20150125_101943-156_zps4347ba2c.jpg

 photo IMG_20150125_101934-155_zpsbe8fe364.jpg

Harbor Point mall has the nicest exterior but is so underwhelming inside, hence the sneaker shot.
 photo IMG_20150127_104138_zps9bmelb9fB_zps292e85a3.jpg

Been wanting to try this joint since this is the only spot that @wendellvans goes to whenever he visits his honeys in Subic.
 photo IMG_20150125_162925-162_zps718892c0.jpg

This was so good.
 photo IMG_20150125_165602-164_zpsb2eb86ac.jpg

My mom always trying to eat healthy, lol.
 photo IMG_20150125_165608-165_zpsa6de9bf8.jpg

I didn't get to try this but I heard it was good too.
 photo IMG_20150125_165632-166_zps89cea5ac.jpg

Man! This cornbread smothered with baked beans!
 photo IMG_20150125_170858-168_zpsa79a7580.jpg

A full rack of mouth-watering baby back ribs.
 photo IMG_20150125_170748-167_zps49bfd361.jpg

Carolina Honey, Original and Habanero BBQ sauces. Soooooo damn good.
 photo IMG_20150125_172403-169_zpscd75ed58.jpg

5 out of 5 stars! Definitely will be back here soon.
 photo IMG_20150125_175614-172_zps4729a5a7.jpg

We walked around Lighthouse Marina Resort and debated if it was a real lighthouse or not. LOL.

Off-topic but you get extra discount when you enter the Puma Outlet store at Shell of Asia wearing Puma footwear!

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