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| Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, December 06, 2014

It's been a hot minute since I last went to a big we Legendary x Nike SB event and since I had nothing planned today, I drove to Ronac to check out what the boys were up to. It was hella traffic and completely missed special guests Joyce Pring and The Chimichanga's performance. It's all good, though. I still got to kick it with some cool peeps!
 photo IMG_1867_zps5c9e65a6.jpg

Forever a line.

What people came here for.
 photo IMG_1868_zps51911ee7.jpg

 photo IMG_1869_zpsd83b9e45.jpg

 photo IMG_1870_zps96217d67.jpg

Red cup crew!
 photo IMG_1871_zps63f88c53.jpg

I heard she's very popular.
 photo IMG_1872_zps1d865da8.jpg

I almost didn't recognize Wong with his new hairdo.
 photo IMG_1873_zpscf01f518.jpg

Mark wL with Joyce Pring!
 photo IMG_1875_zpse81e8fe1.jpg

Thanks for the grub!
 photo IMG_1876_zps351dcb18.jpg

Sprung is more like it, lol.
 photo IMG_1877_zps78deaccd.jpg

wL folks always ready to swerve you.
 photo IMG_1878_zps86dffcb0.jpg

Ice-cold Super Dry made my day.
 photo IMG_1879_zps32936252.jpg

What up Skratchmark, Diego and Mackie!
 photo IMG_1880_zps20aab179.jpg

Hey ladies!
 photo IMG_1881_zps69103817.jpg

No gallbladder, no problem.
 photo IMG_1882_zps75f971e1.jpg

 photo IMG_20141206_155500_zps478c0d66.jpg

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