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"Mag Green Cross ka muna!"

For weeks I saw how people online used acetone to remove the paint from their Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 x Lance Mountain. Some even used sand paper (ruining the stitching). I knew both methods would damage the leather so I thought of different ways to do it until I got my pairs. Packing tape didn't work and Clorox wipes took forever so then I thought to myself, "Why not use 'rubbing alcohol?'" Filipino families love their rubbing alcohol. If it's safe for our skin then it shouldn't damage the shoes, yeah? Check out the results. (I wanted a distressed look so I left some paint on.)
 photo IGBLACK_zpsf6e88d8f.jpg

Not bad, eh?
 photo IGBLACK2_zps44973b87.jpg

Here's how I did it. The black paint was easier to remove than the white paint. (click to play)

King Crux Can't Skate
 photo IGBLACKRED1_zpsff2ce82d.jpg

Now all I need to do is to replace the round laces with flat ones.
 photo IGBLACKRED2_zpsb6456dfb.jpg

Thank you Mark we Legendary for the early birthday gifts!

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