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| Posted in , , | Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everyone's favorite skateshop celebrated another year of crazy releases and lots of good times with a sick party for its customers and friends, Bad Decisions Wednesday style! Check out the photos and video below if you failed to join the fun last night at Black Market. I had so much fun getting random people drunk with vodka! (you're welcome)

The scene outside.
 photo IMG_0460_zps95cab447.jpg

Worth the wait.
 photo IMG_0461_zps3d9c6b01.jpg

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Lance Mountain raffle stubs.
 photo IMG_0462_zps749f876a.jpg

Drink moderately.
 photo IMG_0468_zps42f8062c.jpg

 photo IMG_0470_zpsc03179d8.jpg

 photo IMG_0471_zps5aeeccfc.jpg

Angelo F*CKING Mendez with the opening set.
 photo IMG_0472_zps399fbaf8.jpg

King BB.
 photo IMG_0475_zps99af6ee5.jpg

What up, PJ!
 photo IMG_0476_zpsc9057974.jpg

Team LMS represent!
 photo IMG_0477_zps75e051f0.jpg

Before it got crazy.
 photo IMG_0478_zpseb25d285.jpg

2 Mois and a Bastos.
 photo IMG_0481B_zpsef58ba7a.jpg

Jenn and Anikka
 photo IMG_0483_zps113b9f59.jpg

Anxious wLOYALs.
 photo IMG_0485_zpsbca7a964.jpg

The business of being...
 photo IMG_0486_zpsec7793d4.jpg

With the real Moi we Legendary!
 photo IMG_0489B_zps41f77c88.jpg

Wendell Vans, Power 106's DJ E-Man (who has Diddy's number on speed dial) and Chef Edward with the main man.
 photo IMG_0490_zps7b5a2394.jpg

Anikka, Mark we Legendary, Your Daily Dose Of Marc and @stick_man08.
 photo IMG_0500_zpsb83b29e7.jpg

Mister banana DJ Skratchmark.
 photo IMG_0501_zps70268401.jpg

Skate video on the wall.
 photo IMG_0502_zps6edbb5c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0504_zps1d37539c.jpg

 photo IMG_0505_zpsa7ce6c33.jpg

The biggest and most fun we Legendary anniversary party to date. Thank you, Black Market!
 photo IMG_0512_zpsa9d46d8f.jpg

Watch the crowd go wild when Angelo plays Mark's all-time favorite song. (click to play)

Congratulations to we Legendary and all the winners of last night's Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Lance Mountain raffle!

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