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Two weeks ago people had no idea what they were, called them Barcelona Kobe 9s, said they were EUro exclusives and pairs were resold online for around $500. Yesterday, I got a text from Raoul inviting me to the Titan x Nike release party of the same Kobe 9s and provided solid information about them. Filipino basketball-inspired Kobes? It's about damn time.
 photo IMG_7689_zps1ce5ddbd.jpg

The KOBE IX Engineered Mesh Salutes Pinoy Basketball

Nike Basketball brings the spirit of basketball that is unique to the Philippines to the world with a shoe designed by Nike Footwear Designer, Erick Goto that celebrates Filipino culture, Filipino fiestas and the Filipinos’ innate love for basketball.

Nike Basketball Footwear Designer, Erick Goto, who is of Filipino descent, incorporated typical Pinoy elements that are recognized by every Filipino, creating a design so unique it pays homage to the colorful local history and traditional Pinoy passion for the game. A significantly visible weave pattern on the upper is reflective of the commonly used straw weave that is made into baskets and other holding containers used every day by Filipinos. The sole has a sandal or tsinelas** print that pays tribute to sandlot and barangay players who play the game with just their sandals on. Chrome accents at the heel represent the popular Filipino icon, the Jeepney.

Goto, who has worked on Nike basketball products for the last six years, has been involved in the brand’s most successful shoe collections and decided to honor his motherland by designing this shoe that is inspired by Filipino culture and the love of basketball that screams out of every Pinoy.

“This is a shoe made especially for Kobe Bryant fans in the Philippines and Kobe knows how many they are. However, all Pinoy basketball fans will find this shoe very special as it is a tribute to Pinoys and their love of the game. It’s as colorful as a Pinoy fiesta, where the central activity in the barangay is a basketball game. All the color and life of barangay basketball, in fact, is reflected in the Kobe IX EM,” says Courtney Cole-Faso, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines.

The KOBE IX EM offers the ultimate performance in a sleek lightweight package. Engineered Mesh and Flywire woven into the engineered mesh upper integrates with the laces for a dynamic, supportive fit that delivers lightweight support and ventilation. An injected nylon heel-counter helps lockdown the foot while the midsole Lunarlon cushioning provides an ultra-soft responsive ride. Featuring the same outsole as the Kobe IX Elite pressure mapping design, the minimal rubber outsole delivers durable traction and mimics the natural contours of the foot.

Basketball in the Philippines is always a celebration and an expression of the Filipino soul. It is in the fabric of every Filipino –whether at urban gyms, asphalt corners, or sandy lots and backyards in far-flung barangays in provinces nationwide. That’s where basketball dreams take flight – in the barangay, the hub and birthplace of basketball ambitions, an integral part of every Filipino player’s journey. All the color and life thriving in barangay basketball is reflected in the Kobe IX EM.

**Tsinelas- (pronounced chee-neh-las) thong sandals commonly used as the footwear of choice for neighborhood hoops games. The game of basketball is so engrained in the culture that they’ll play anytime anywhere, waring anything. A ball and a hoop rigged any which way are central to each community, or “barangay.”

The Kobe IX EM will be available April 30th at the following retail locations:

Titan Two Parkade Fort
Titan Glorietta 5
Titan Ronac
Titan Regis Katipunan
Titan Molito Alabang
Titan Taft

Peep the details.
 photo IMG_7690_zps3bc0caa2.jpg

Undeniably Filipino.
 photo IMG_7691_zpsab64b965.jpg

I wanted to take this home.
 photo IMG_7692_zpsd6d6113e.jpg

The inspiration.
 photo IMG_7692B_zpsd4ada5d7.jpg

 photo IMG_7693_zpsf1e3df8d.jpg

 photo IMG_7694_zpsb41668c4.jpg

 photo IMG_7695B_zps5d5cab70.jpg

 photo IMG_7695C_zpsefd18674.jpg

 photo IMG_7695D_zpscc8514ad.jpg

 photo IMG_7695_zpsddabe6f4.jpg

 photo IMG_7696_zpsae9192b9.jpg

 photo IMG_7697_zps23f0d803.jpg

 photo IMG_7698_zps480b6146.jpg

Full house.
 photo IMG_7699_zps64d39d78.jpg

Titan regulars Philip, Toots, Austin, Denise and Carlo.
 photo IMG_7702_zpsa96c46d2.jpg

Lovebirds Nicole and Migs.
 photo IMG_7703_zpsa54731aa.jpg

Magic 89.9's Carla D and Boom.
 photo IMG_7705_zpsbaa93465.jpg

With Su, Courtney and Raoul.
 photo IMG_7707B_zpsd335ad1f.jpg

One more time with Raoul and Courtney.
 photo IMG_7708B_zps16a3c183.jpg

G3 rockin' his freshly signed Misa Campo Illest tee.
 photo IMG_7709_zps457f9b31.jpg

Basketball never stops.
 photo IMG_7711_zps10e99c50.jpg

Banjo, Migs, Ting and Vince.
 photo IMG_7712_zps0c720f8a.jpg

(insert girl's name here), Niche, Nandro, Miggy and Calde.
 photo IMG_7713_zps7e4d3262.jpg

Titan forever.
 photo IMG_7714B_zps245f13e5.jpg

Martin, Su and Raoul.
 photo IMG_7715_zpsd9269698.jpg

I wasn't even hungry but this was hella good.
 photo IMG_7720_zps27efa603.jpg

Bottom left was crunchy nom!
 photo IMG_7722_zps1fa3194b.jpg

 photo IMG_7723_zpsdea0129d.jpg

Thank you, ladies!
 photo IMG_7724_zps835b5380.jpg

 photo IMG_7737_zps3bf346ff.jpg

 photo IMG_7738_zps5a719b8f.jpg

 photo IMG_7739_zpsde657e52.jpg

Last Men (and woman) Standing.
 photo IMG_7740_zps7a4255a4.jpg

Badass banig basketball kicks.
 photo IMG_7741_zps739c2ecb.jpg

Who's excited for the weekend?


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