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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, January 25, 2014

First SunDAZED of 2014.

Who else missed these two hotties? Hi Erica! Hello Margaux!
 photo IMG_5302_zpsba558ae1.jpg

Mr. Banana aka DJ Skratchmark.
 photo IMG_5304_zpse55f79aa.jpg

Paredes Mafia.
 photo IMG_5306_zps5aba47e2.jpg

Shake it like a watermelon... shake.
 photo IMG_5308_zps0ce8ce0b.jpg

It's Angelo F*CKING Mendez!
 photo IMG_5311_zps8efa64d9.jpg

K for K.
 photo IMG_5313_zps3597116a.jpg

 photo IMG_5314_zps01218b64.jpg

Want to treat yourself? Hit up The Bad Apple for these yummy goodies!
 photo IMG_5319_zpsa87fb50d.jpg

Raffle time!
 photo IMG_5321_zps662c0cfa.jpg

 photo IMG_5322_zps1aa5f5ac.jpg

Back with the blur.
 photo IMG_5324B_zps666d51df.jpg

A younger-looking Abdul with Margaux.
 photo IMG_5330_zps57b1ba62.jpg

 photo IMG_5332_zpsba7e1edc.jpg

 photo IMG_5336_zps97293959.jpg

 photo IMG_5337_zpsedcff81f.jpg

Andy and Skratchmark talking about Skratchmark and Andy.
 photo IMG_5338_zpsee87be5d.jpg

 photo IMG_5340_zps00a2ae1a.jpg

SunDAZED loves!
 photo IMG_5341_zpsf4bea1f9.jpg

 photo IMG_5342_zps9d5e86e5.jpg

Pot life.
 photo IMG_5343_zps7b2930f7.jpg

I waited 4 hours for this!
 photo IMG_5344_zps7053204c.jpg

Hungry faces, lol.
 photo IMG_5345_zpsdaffacf2.jpg

 photo IMG_5346B_zps06840add.jpg

While waiting for my food.
 photo IMG_5347_zps1b9fd684.jpg

Skratchmark and Thea communicating.
 photo IMG_5349_zps8865ff01.jpg

 photo IMG_5351_zps28e1bdfe.jpg

Man, I should have ordered the full recovery. #stillhungry

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