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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, February 24, 2013

There are some folks who think they know what you do and then there's Titan, never failing to hook a lowly "blogger" up.  They must know something YOU don't, right? I mean why else would they bother? Entries like this is my way of thanking people who continue to support me and this site. None of that "Oh look at me! I'm so cool I get free stuff from this brand and that brand!" bullshit. Who are you again anyway? That's right. A nobody*, just like me. :)
 photo IMGP0821_zps81f41cf2.jpg

These will be worn until the soles come off. Nylon tongue and OG everything FTW. Thank you Titan!
 photo IMGP0832_zps0422cb4c.jpg

* I'm kidding. I'm King Crux! I've been around years before you and will still be here years after you disappear. Fuckface.

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