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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's not what you think.

I was standing outside Iyaz's dressing room with my bro date Jayden when you walked past us. We've never been formally introduced but I've been wanting to meet you for the longest time. I called your name once and you looked back. I smiled but you had no idea who I was so I had to think fast. I dropped a name that we both knew and your eyes lit up, you approached me and gave me a nice hug with beso. I died.

When Iyaz got up on stage you started rocking it. I was watching from the side of the stage, mesmerized. I knew Iyaz was only gonna perform a few tracks so again I had to think fast. I thought fast and acted faster. I coerced my buddy into going near you to dance and we did. I looked like Iyaz's groupie but I didn't care. I busted my silly dance moves while you were 3 feet in front of me. Our eyes met at that moment and I died. Yes, I died again, only to be resurrected by your beauty and grace.

Jayden and I went back to the side of the stage and waited for the concert to end. I knew you would exit that way. The second you stood up I readied myself to ask you to party with us after. I called your name once, twice, thrice. Call me Mr. Relentless because I wasn't gonna let you leave that arena without saying bye. Finally you looked back and I asked the question. You asked where and I said Republiq. You nodded, smiled and left. I died a third time.

But Republiq couldn't accommodate us so we went to Fiamma instead. (Big shout outs to Mr. Trillo and Fiamma for being such gracious hosts)     

I was restless the whole night thinking of you and if you really did go to Republiq. If you did then I'm sorry for not being there. We could've definitely made an awesome night out of it. If not then...

Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion, holla.

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Wow! Nice love letter naman! Paano pa kung si Ms. Concepcion ang nakabasa nito. Nice one bro!

Ang cute ng love letter na to.. Sana mabasa ni Ms KC, Good luck. But what if she was really there, naku patay baka naasar yon hehe, you stood her up );