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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll just leave this here and let you enjoy every hit this entry gets because trust me, after this shit, you ain't going nowhere.

I don't care what people like you say about me. It just pisses me off because you had potential. Unlike you, people WHO MATTER ACTUALLY RECOGNIZE me for something great. Just ask the stores and brands you see on this site. They'll tell you.

Can you say, WORLDWIDE?

As for your handler? (I don't even understand why you have a handler, it's not like you have projects left and right) You should tell him to work on his issues and leave me out of his drama. I'm done letting him use me for his own benefit.

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Is the handler a an old shmuck, hangs out at a "hip" establishment, to establish himself as something he's always wanted to be pero it took him so long to have the money or whatever bullshit confidence to do it, flashes his nuvo-riche pretentious game play, gets a stupid kid with some talent, but really, a customizer in the Ph with no street cred? come on, that's really pretentious, and here's a new scene, and these guys want something from that place or that guy or at least want the glam and glitz of getting to hang out with people that make them look good coz they just know they're ugly inside, which explains why they so much of consumerists anyway, buying themselves all these things to feel some hope at feeling human or loved or wanted or respected, and that's the best they can do to get it done? well, I rest my case bro
he just wants to get away with his second childhood or mid-life crisis drama...

Yo, who are you? I'm dying here reading your comment. Ha ha ha.

well obviously, these people are big time losers. an old shmuck who is pretentious and an ambitious nobody hooking up with said shmuck looking for a way in... who are these guys anyway, damn are they soulless or what? hahaha you still the king in my book, and these guys clearly don't have class nor style, not even the brains apparently. no one does this to kingcrux, i tell ya, no one gets away at the very least.