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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First you took out the breakfast biscuits. (this was eons ago)

Then you stopped serving milkshakes in the late 90's. (reintroduced in selected stores years later)

Then you cut the fried apple pie to 1/3 of its original size.

Then you teased us with your original BBQ sauce only to pull it out a few months later. (US version tastes so much better)

Then you switched from rootbeer, my fav soda, to Sarsi.

Then you took out Sarsi leaving customers with no choice but to order Coke float instead. (which I still find gross especially when served with ice)

Now this?

Yuck. I don't even get it. I love banana ketchup... with my Max's Fried Chicken.

Not with my Sausage McMuffin.

Not with my Big Mac.

Not with my McNuggets.

Not with my fried chicken. (Yes, they serve fried chicken here with steamed rice and gravy)

Not with my McSpaghetti. (Yes, another PI exclusive)

And definitely NOT with my golden french fries.

Cost-cutting perhaps? I know banana ketchup is waaaaaaaay cheaper.

Why don't you switch your fries to purple yam while you're at it. That way Grimace wouldn't be such a puzzle to everyone.

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they removed my favorite strawberry sundae from their menu too :(

Agree with Banana Ketchup being plain horrible on anything McDonald's. Banana Ketchup should only be made by Jufran and should only be accessible in Max. Outside Max's boundaries, anyone found with a Banana Ketchup should face ten years in jail plus community service with The Burglar. That mascot always freaked me out. Why they would put a criminal in the line-up of supposedly kid-friendly characters is a riddle to me.

And yes, my favorite there used to be Strawberry Sundae too, but was brutally taken off.

O_O you have McSpaghetti?! Wow. What other crazy things do you guys have over there?

What the.... next thing you know, they will do a collabo: Mang Tomas x McDonald's.

They also removed the McRice Burger and Taro Pie which were two of my favorites.