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| Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Regular visitors of my site will tell you that I don't fancy clubs as much I used to and that I would rather hang out with good friends in a place with laid back atmosphere and some cold drinks.

Miko and the gang attended a sneaker event in Makati while I waited for them at a nearby mall. The original plan was to meet at Grappa's but for some reason it closed earlier than usual. We found ourselves at Encore with some peeps from the night before.

I was approached several times by random people who visit my blog. I'm sorry if I don't remember your names. Hello to all of you! I would've snapped photos of you beautiful people but I forgot I switched to my point and shoot. There's no sense in carrying my T1i in a packed club.

I could never figure out this club with the different sections and stamps.

Hella packed



Double M. Thanks Mars!

We'll miss you D!

Baguio lovebirds

Nicole and Chase

I support the Ablans and also the Pamintuans

Shameless plug by Sachie.


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You already know

Tomorrow is gonna be a blast.


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